Sunday, May 15, 2011

Module a month part 2: April

Dear visitors,

sometimes things don't go as planned. I started this module a month series to complete at least 12 modules this year, and March didn't have a module? Oops, there we go... To keep things going, I started offering kits for various modules as a way to keep the cost down. The good thing: this month will have its own module: the Mankato VCF.
April did have it's module too, the Ian Fritz AD/AR with Pulse Delay. Check out his website, he has some wonderful circuits. This one is pretty easy to build and does the trick well. I find it useful for delayed vibrato and in various noodles.
So far, four months have passed, and four modules are done: MFOS Sample & Hold with VC Clock, MFOS State-Variable Filter, Dual Quantizer with Multiples and now the Ian Fritz ADAR. Time to get back to the soldering iron!


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  1. ziet er goed uit! houten zijkantjes is leuk maar een helemaal houten synth is zo veel gaver! ga vooral zo door :)