Monday, January 25, 2010

Studio? No, just some problems buying gear.

Hi all,
It's time again for the weekly update. I did some work on the modular last weekend, finishing panels for the SN Voice and some work on an Attenuverting Mixer. I still miss some components for both but that'll be ok next week.
On to the title. I don't have what we call a 'studio' yet, as in: I can't record my tunes, and don't have a MIDI keyboard to play tunes on the modular and softsynths (I use sequencers now). So I thought it was time to get an audio interface and a MIDI keyboard. I bought a nice Xboard 49, but it didn't arrive. Instead I got a mail that the keyboard was broken. I hope I'll get my money back.
I use linux as my Operating System for quite a few years now, but finding a supported Audio Interface isn't that easy. So if you know a good one, please drop a comment. :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekend work: Test Case

Hi again!
I wanted to post this some days ago, but left the laptop adapter at another place, so had to do without for a few days. Anyway, I worked on a little 9U 'test case' for the modular last weekend. So I can test the new modules on the bench. Inside I will put some utility modules depending on what module to test. For now I'll add one CGS Utility LFO, the second Baby 10 sequencer and the SN Voice. Huh what? Time for a picture.

The test case is the bottom black case. Inside you see a finished CGS utility LFO, the second and almost finished Baby 10 sequencer, and a panel for a Fonitronik Attenuverting Mixer. On top the MFOS Soundlab.
That's it for today. Have a nice day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Working on the DIY modular: SN Voice

Dear All,
received a package from sMs Audio Electronics today with some parts to finish the Thomas Henry SN Voice. The SN Voice is a monophonic synthesizer voice with one VCO, VCA, noise source and simple Envelope Generator build around the SN76477, a chip used in the 80s in video games for sound effects. More information on the website of Scott Stites.
Inside the package were some special components to finish the project. So I added the components to the board and started on the panel components. Almost finished now, until I realized four capacitors missed. (See picture).

 I have to buy these capacitors to finish this project, and I hope I get this done before February.