Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekend work: Test Case

Hi again!
I wanted to post this some days ago, but left the laptop adapter at another place, so had to do without for a few days. Anyway, I worked on a little 9U 'test case' for the modular last weekend. So I can test the new modules on the bench. Inside I will put some utility modules depending on what module to test. For now I'll add one CGS Utility LFO, the second Baby 10 sequencer and the SN Voice. Huh what? Time for a picture.

The test case is the bottom black case. Inside you see a finished CGS utility LFO, the second and almost finished Baby 10 sequencer, and a panel for a Fonitronik Attenuverting Mixer. On top the MFOS Soundlab.
That's it for today. Have a nice day!