Monday, January 25, 2010

Studio? No, just some problems buying gear.

Hi all,
It's time again for the weekly update. I did some work on the modular last weekend, finishing panels for the SN Voice and some work on an Attenuverting Mixer. I still miss some components for both but that'll be ok next week.
On to the title. I don't have what we call a 'studio' yet, as in: I can't record my tunes, and don't have a MIDI keyboard to play tunes on the modular and softsynths (I use sequencers now). So I thought it was time to get an audio interface and a MIDI keyboard. I bought a nice Xboard 49, but it didn't arrive. Instead I got a mail that the keyboard was broken. I hope I'll get my money back.
I use linux as my Operating System for quite a few years now, but finding a supported Audio Interface isn't that easy. So if you know a good one, please drop a comment. :-)

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