Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year, new modules, new tunes

Dear visitor,
It's been a while since the last time. At this side of the planet we've been doing great. Did some tunes available in the archives of Worth noting is the piece I did on New Years Eve, being a bit in a minor mode, after my hard drive died the night before. So no modular, but some other sounds in it.
That was last year. We're in a new year now, and I started it with finishing a filter, the Music From Outer Space State-Variable Filter. A 12dB/Oct filter with Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass outputs. I got to this filter when my personal DIY synth hero Dave of Skrog Productions mentioned it, and thought of building one at the same time. Turned out he was as fast as he always is, and I being a slower builder then a three-toed sloth. Enough with all the drivel, time for a picture!

I've been doing some demos today, again using the SN Voice as a sound source. It's such a useful module, everyone should have one, or two maybe. First the filter sweeps, with all the outputs mixed together. You can find it here. Next is a sequence demoing the different outputs, and last a demo of the voltage controlled resonance. I really liked doing that with the gate outputs of the swing(e)ing Klee Sequencer.

Perhaps you're interested in how the module Dave built turned out. Well, as all his modules, its kinda blue, lovely blue. Go check it out here! As always, please leave a comment, and be sure to ask any question, I'll answer them ;-)