Monday, August 23, 2010

Klee Sequencer and Noodle

Hi all,

been a while since I posted here last time. In the meantime I finished the Klee Sequencer. A few posts have been on various other platforms. If you've seen those before, scroll a bit to the bottom, as you'll find a new track there.

Here you see the Klee Sequencer, still in the old rack. That's another project I need to finish. The sequencer is a mighty machine, and it needs a lot off pages to describe it. Perhaps the best way is to link to the website of the designer, Scott Stites. But how does it sound?

In the video there are two sound sources: the SN Voice and the Music From Outer Space Soundlab Minisynth. On the PWM output of the SN Voice is a little bit chorus and delay, and the only other effect is a bit reverb on the whole mix.

On to the track I promised in the start of this post, and as you already know, I don't talk much, so you just read that. You can download the file here. The patch is simple, just the triangle and noise outputs of the SN Voice through the Buchla Lopass Gate clone. Klee outputs A and A+B are used to modulate the pitch of SN Voice and LPG, and the Gate 2 output to LPG CV in. Besides that, lots of LFOs, and using the random mode of the Klee. Would be even more interesting with VC LFOs, but I don't have those yet, so no cross modulations. The only thing I tweak is a switch to change the LPG mode, and I tweak the resonance control. So it can probably go for a noodle.


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