Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Evening Soldering Fun

Got a nice bag with parts from MusikDing today. So it was finally time to finish some unfinished PCBs. As always I forget to order the right capacitor types. So for the Buchla LPG Clone (see NaturalRythm Music) I have to wait some more time, until I order more parts.
The good thing was: the other parts were in the package! So I finished the PCBs of the second Attenuverting Mixer by Fonitronik, the Sequential Switch, also a Fonitronik design, and last but not least the Thomas Henry SN-Voice! :-D
It's time to visit Zwolle once again, to get some more 0.156" headers for the power to finish the boards.
Top: SN-Voice PCB by sMs Audio Electronics. Right: Buchla 292c clone by Thomas White. Left, top: Attenuverting Mixer, bottom: Sequential Switch, both by Fonitronik.

Have a very nice weekend,

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